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Practice Areas

Keeley Family Law have the experience to resolve your case by negotiation, mediation, and litigation.
Premarital Agreements

Knowing the outcome following a decision to end a marriage can avoid the expense of a protracted divorce.  Keeley Family Law helps prospective marital partners agree how they will own property and what to expect about future support rights or obligations.




The divorce process involves identifying, valuing, and dividing assets and obligations accumulated during marriage, protecting separate property assets owned by a party, and applying tax laws to asset division.  A property division can be the result of mediation (parties work together directly, with a neutral attorney, who helps parties reach an agreement), collaborative mediation (each party works with his/her individual attorney) or litigation (preparing a case for resolution by presenting evidence, in the courtroom, for decision by a judge).




Special Master Services/ Private Judging

Keeley Family Law accepts cases involving making decisions, as a Special Master or as a Private Judge. 

Child/Spousal Support


Determination of income is important for calculation of child and spousal support.  Whether you are the payor, or support recipient, Keeley Family Law can develop a strategy aimed at protecting you financially.



Child Custody


In Sacramento and surrounding counties, child custody disputes are mediated. Disputed custody issues, such as how to share the children’s day to day care, are investigated.  A report with recommendations is made to the court.  Keeley Family Law has experience helping you prepare for and succeed in the child custody mediation/investigation process. 


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